Mijn Kifid

File a complaint online

Go to Mijn Kifid (in Dutch only) to file a complaint online. First create an account. Then use the online complaint form to submit your complaint. Upload all the important supporting documentation. You can then track the progress of your complaint on Mijn Kifid. You will receive notification of every action that Kifid takes.

What are the different stages to file a complaint online?

There are six stages to file a complaint online:

  1. Indicate if you are filing a complaint as a consumer, an entrepreneur or representative of a consumer or entrepreneur.
  2. Give the details of your financial services provider.
  3. Describe the complaint and give a possible solution. Indicate whether you have incurred financial loss, and, if so, the amount involved.
  4. Describe the type of complaint: for instance, related to bank products, mortgages, investment products or insurance products (life or non-life). At this stage you can upload the documents that Kifid asks for.
  5. Agree to the privacy statement.
  6. Check that all your personal details are correct before you actually press ‘send’ to file the complaint. After you have pressed ‘send’ to file the complaint, you cannot make any changes to the information.

File a complaint in English and by post

If you prefer to file your complaint in writing, please use one of the complaint forms as found here. Download the form, complete it and send it by post. Please do not send any original documents. Make copies of them. Kifid will not return your documents. You do not need to send copies of your proof of identity.

Handling your complaint

Kifid will keep you informed of everything that is important to you during the complaints handling process. Your case officer will send you e-mails and/or letters.